About me
✔ Highly experienced machine learning specialist.
✔ Good research experience with several publications that  
    allow me to understand complex machine learning    
    algorithms and use it for new applications.

Available for new machine learning opportunities
Feel free to download my résumé, or visit my LinkedIn.
✔ Currently holding Australian citizenship.
I can be contacted by ahilan.eng (at) gmail (dot) com.

Honours and Awards

2018: NVIDIA GPU grant.
2018: University research grant.
✔ 2014: Australasian Speech Science and Technology Association new                   researcher award.
✔ 2012: European Commission Marie Curie ITN BBfor2 network                             sponsored internship program.
✔ 2013: The Australasian Speech Science and Technology Association                   (ASSTA) travel award.
2010: Cooperative Research Centre for Advanced Automotive                          Technology (AutoCRC) postgraduate scholarship.

✔  Forecasting of a solar photovoltaic (PV) power generation using deep       learning approaches.
✔  Improving the performance of deep learning based speaker  
     recognition systems.

                        Ahilan M.K, Ph.D (Australia)   
                            Senior Lecturer,                    
                            Faculty of Engineering,         
                            University of Jaffna,             
                            Jaffna, Sri Lanka.                

                            Visiting Researcher,   
                            SAIVT Lab,
                            Brisbane, Australia.

                            Google scholar - http://bit.ly/2jSq12r
                            GitHub - http://bit.ly/2BvxwZt

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